Club Member Ticket Pricing

Members of The Chairman’s Club, Signature Circle, and The U Club can enjoy special pricing at local businesses and the following larger venues!

To learn about about these benefits and how to use them, please visit your local branch and ask for details!
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covehavenSavings at Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts!
Get the HNB Getaway Club number and save on one-of-a-kind suites, now through October 2014!!

Champagne Tower Suites $279*
Pool Suites $249*
Lakeside Villa, Lakeside Chalet Jacuzzi Suites $199*
All other Jacuzzi Suites $169*

Take advantage of these all-inclusive, incredible savings!  Enjoy all-you-can-eat breakfast, unlimited dinner, on-site activities and amenities, and live entertainment each night.  You are also eligible for a one-level upgrade at check-in based on availability and will receive a 10% discount card for the cafe and gift shop.  There’s never a dull moment in the Land of Love!  Don’t wait, book today!  Get the HNB Getaway Club number by calling HNB at 800-462-9515, then book by calling 800-862-9323.